I DIED ON A FRIDAY (Sneak peek -Chapter 1)

I never thought it could happen to me…

Ok, let’s back up a little

It was 5pm on Sunday evening and we had just returned home, you know, the fate of all pastors children. I had slept all the way home and my eyes were forced to open just enough to find my way to the room. Dumping my body on the bed, not minding that my shoes were still on, all I could think of was the restful, peaceful, dreamy paradise of my sleep.


“Go see who’s at the door”

You’ve got to be kidding! No one but the devil could hate me so much as to knock on the door and disturb me at such a time. I dragged myself to the door grumbling about how I wasn’t the only one, and not even the youngest in the house and why it must be me and all that stuff 11 year olds like me would say.

“Hello, I’m James, do you live here?” were the first words he said to me once I opened the door. The sleep in my eyes took a quick vacation, cause standing in front of me was a picture better than my dream. He was tall, light skinned, slim and yeah, his amazing smile exposed his perfect set of teeth. Continue reading “I DIED ON A FRIDAY (Sneak peek -Chapter 1)”