Why they shouldn’t have won…

I’m not a fan of Leceister city, let me not say never though. But truthfully, I actually knew about them this season. And with both hands over my eyes, I admit that I was one of the people that said their progress at the end of the Christmas season was just initial gra-gra (Nigerian pidgin).

But really, right up till the Tottenham vs Chelsea game, I thought it was still a dream, and with Tottenham two goals up, I still thought there’ll be a twist in the outcome of things. I actually went to bed with Tottenham leading.

I woke up this morning to see that they won. I confirmed it through all confirmable media, livescore.com, google, BBC, CNN sport, etc. This dudes actually pulled it off! Wouldn’t lie that I was so happy, cause obviously, I have not been a fan. But I’m thrilled, speechless too.

Leicester had every reason not to win this league. Here are a few reasons

  1. Statistics were against them                                                                                                   The stats from journalists read 5000-1 in chances of them winning. With all the big guys around, Arsenal (gotta be loyal, lol) Man City, Man United, Chelsea (*coughs), Liverpool, etc.
  2. The literally had no big names.                                                                                                     You know when everyone wants to kill Wenger (Arsenals coach) for not buying big named guys. These guys were almost unknown till they became too powerful to ignore. Shout out to James Vardy 😉
  3.  Previous records didn’t help                                                                                                    No one would include the almost relegated team among the champions. They weren’t even in the top 10 previously. We didn’t even consider them a tough game, talk less of title contenders.Smh

Now I’m pretty sure I haven’t covered even a quarter of all the reasons why they should not have been in the top four, not to mention WINNERS!

But they knew all these, they fought against the tide, went against public opinions and came out champions.

They still got the reasons to fail, but they chose to take those reasons, trash it in the bin and present us with their reasons to succeed.96257886-Leicester-celebrate-SPORT-large_trans++es9SkLwhb97OmypQXfwaRDMuG_p4bmIXPmnWI0rc09U





Let me know your thoughts on this!!! Leave a comment below…Who has ported to Leicester…lol






His name is Alex Iwobi and he’s come out like wild fire. For the sports newbies, Alex Iwobi is a footballer. This amazing young man flew like lightening into the first team of Arsenal FC (dancing shoki for my club o). He’s a forward, some people say he’s a midfielder (secret, when I was younger, I thought midfielders only stayed in the middle of the field, lol). I think the combination of both is called, the attacking midfielder, abi? Anyway, the guy is 20! He plays for… Okay let me be a little professional here. So, below is his status, statistics, statement, abeg what do they call that thing sef. Sha-sha, see him here:

Name: Alexander Iwobi

Birthday: 3rd May 1996

Age: 20

Position: Attacking midfielder

First team League Appearance: Six

Goals: Two (Don’t be quick to judge, he just came around.

Nationality: Nigeria (Yeah, we got the starz)

Now to the koko of the matter, we go way back, like seriously, way back. See the look on your face, you don’t believe right? Anyway we met a long time ago, very long, I think that was ehmmm, two months ago (hehe). He was the substitute in a game, second half, yeah. Can’t really remember who the opponent was, and I was like who’s that?

You see, I used to think that my bro had a book with all the player’s names in it. He simply knew everyone! Y’all know the bestie right? If you don’t know, sorry. He gave me a rundown of Iwobi. And mehn, Iwobi was amazing out there. Didn’t score that day though.

So, Iwobi told me three things and that’s what I want to tell you in a bit. He didn’t get to hear what I was telling him because there was this big thing separating us. Like a big black flat rectangle, with some buttons on it, and it had this long wire attached to it. If you still haven’t figured this out, well, I say no more.

But all the same this is it:



Age is very vital to what you what to do in life but I’m not speaking of age right now. Early simply indicates at the beginning, early stages. That dream, plan, idea you had, what happened to them. You can be as old as you choose to be. Joel 2:28, says even the old men shall dream. Some of our youths are just 25 but have retired. They have given up on life. Never waste  a moment. Yes you may have missed out on some vital time, but that’s not the end. Wake up each morning and say “Today is the first day of the rest of my life”.

2. HAVE A MENTOR (It could as well be your uncle, lol)


Well, I know, I know, I know, ofcourse Jay Jay Okocha is not your uncle, in fact your family members may be as popular as the wrist watch on my wrist right now(exactly, you have no idea what it is) or may actually be more popular than JJ himself, but all I’m saying is, find yourself a motivation. A picture of your path. And if you haven’t found your path yet, James 1:5 and Job 23:10a are for you. So, ask God to send you that person, there’s an Elijah for every Elisha. Iwobi wants to be better than Okocha, It’s very possible, after all Elisha did double. So you can be all you want to be…



Have you seen that guy on the pitch? It’s like his life depends on the game (well, I know you have your own opinion, that’s why there’s a comment box, lol. but be nice though). Anything you put your hands in, do it with all your might, Eccl 9:10 (I’m not quoting o, my Sunday school children take note). Hard work is different from struggle. God wants you to work hard, not struggle, the former makes you better, the latter makes you grumpy, hehe. I know, it’s harder than you thought it’d be, it’s ok, you can make it, look in front of you, there’s that light! Don’t stop now, go on till the end.


Life is like a field, there are opponent’s and there are team players, but what is football game without a goal post. Know where your post is, move there, and don’t stop till you score.

Finally, if  your birth story always starts with “I came from a humble (our nice word for poor) background, please, please, please, make sure your children’s story doesn’t have the same beginning.

Be your own competition, strive to be better than yesterday’s YOU.

Love y’all so much. Let me not be the only one talking here, let me know you came by, say something!!!

Going to continue my chat. Say peace out to the people before we go 😉 hehe…chao


I DIED ON A FRIDAY (Sneak peek -Chapter 1)

I never thought it could happen to me…

Ok, let’s back up a little

It was 5pm on Sunday evening and we had just returned home, you know, the fate of all pastors children. I had slept all the way home and my eyes were forced to open just enough to find my way to the room. Dumping my body on the bed, not minding that my shoes were still on, all I could think of was the restful, peaceful, dreamy paradise of my sleep.


“Go see who’s at the door”

You’ve got to be kidding! No one but the devil could hate me so much as to knock on the door and disturb me at such a time. I dragged myself to the door grumbling about how I wasn’t the only one, and not even the youngest in the house and why it must be me and all that stuff 11 year olds like me would say.

“Hello, I’m James, do you live here?” were the first words he said to me once I opened the door. The sleep in my eyes took a quick vacation, cause standing in front of me was a picture better than my dream. He was tall, light skinned, slim and yeah, his amazing smile exposed his perfect set of teeth. Continue reading “I DIED ON A FRIDAY (Sneak peek -Chapter 1)”

WELCOME…You’re right on time!!


So glad you made it here today!!!  And be assured you are in the right place at the perfect time. There’s something for you here, and it’s my privilege to receive you. You will find answers to your questions, peace in your spirit and joy for your beautiful soul. Ultimately, get ready, cause my life, my love, my eternal bae, Jesus…is right in here!

So, let me know you’ve been here, leave a comment, suggestion and anything laid in your heart. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Welcome love!!!